At Last… Healthy Skin for Men…

The benefits of skin care treatments are not exclusive to Women!!!
More and more, Men appreciate the benefits of Healthy skin…
As a general rule, it is thought, incorrectly I might add, that skin 
care is exclusive to Women. As a result, men’s skin care has been
stigmatized, leaving men for the most part, ignorant of the benefits of healthy skin. The benefits and results can be rapid and amazing, 
thus leading to a rejuvenated and healthy skin. Because of education and an overwhelming demand, I have expanded my services to include men’s skin care.

As a graduate of the Euro Institute of Skin Care in Washington, I am committed to providing exceptional, innovative, natural treatments which are safe, effective and implemented with integrity, and pride in my work. Traditional European and Naturopathic techniques were taught using the finest professional skin care products and equipment. As a result of my education, experience and introduction to Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics, I am confident that this product line benefits a majority of skin types and addresses the many skin issues and disorders that men and women “face”.

I have known for years that skin care and helping individuals with skin issues is my passion. As the previous owner of “About Face”, based in Bellevue, Washington, I enjoy not only nurturing, but educating the customer as well. My expertise in the spa industry extends over 9 years. I have received additional, extended, professional training in facial and body esthetics, marketing and training, skin analysis, and food related disorders.

So, what’s to be expected? The safest way for men to maintain healthy, rejuvenated skin is with a professional skin care consultation and regime of skin care treatments…targeted for your specific skin type. During a consultation, one can expect questions to be answered regarding current skin care regime, diet and lifestyle, and the skin will be analyzed, recommending a plan to meet your specific skin’s type, followed by a appropriate skin care procedures.

Taking care of your skin is one of the first, best ways to look super handsome and sexy. Every man should take good care of their skin to ensure the innumerable kisses coming along their cheeks. Jokes aside, a healthy skin regimen is essential for any man, at any age. Come on guys, there's no need to think that it's girl thing. .



Now introducing Jan Marini Lash:

In 2005 Jan Marini Skin Research revolutionized eyelash enhancement with a technological first that inspired a host of imitators. Now, JMSR sets the pace again with our proprietary and non-prostaglandin eyelash formulation.

Our unique and patent-pending combination of peptides is backed by clinical studies demonstrate remarkable results with significantly satisfied subjects. No other lash product on the market can use both of the enhancing peptides found in our Marini Lash Conditioner. Now you can enjoy amazingly gorgeous, dense and lush eyelashes, the eyelashes of your dreams from Jan Marini Skin Research.

*Marini Lash Eyelash Conditioner is not intended to stop, prevent, cure, relieve, reverse or reduce eyelash or eyebrow loss or to promote the growth of eyelashes or eyebrows.

.08 oz tube with eyeliner brush applicator - 2 month supply
.25 oz tube with eyeliner brush applicator - 6 month supply
Two (2x), .25 oz tubes with eyeliner brush applicator - 1 year supply



Chateau de Beaute' now has its own Private Label Color Blended Cosmetics. Now Introducing....
YOMBE' (Your own makeup blended exclusively)

The right look. The perfect experience. The repeat performances.
That's what custom blending is all about. 
Let's face it. Most women have a love-hate relationship with makeup. They love the idea of what it can do for them, but they're often disappointed in the actual results. The shade isn't quite right. The texture's wrong. The foundation is flat. Well not anymore. 
Thanks to YOMBE' custom blend cosmetics, YOMBE' can give each client exactly what she's looking for in lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, foundations and concealers. We can match every skin tone. Create any shade. Highlight or downplay any feature. 
If a customer wants to go sheer in the summer, but wants more coverage in the winter she can do it. If she wants more oil control one season, and less another she can get it. In fact, with our unique custom blend system, we can give every customer the color, texture, coverage, even the flavor, she wants - whenever she wants it. The patented lipstick-making process means we can create your custom blended lipsticks at the cosmetic counter. 
Our custom blend cosmetics also let you create your own signature look to stay ahead of the trends, and generate even more buzz on the street. Whatever we create, you, the client is part of the process, which means you feel an even greater sense of pride in the final result.
Only YOMBE' Private Label lipsticks are made with pure plant waxes, botanicals and minerals. Rich oils of jojoba, macadamia nut, and avocado, as well as shea butter, aloe and vitamin E are blended together to create beautiful, healthy lip coverage, complete with SPF protection. 
The Perfect Color
Just as an artist mixes paints, we can blend pigments to create any color and match any skin tone.

The Ideal Formula
Create a luxuriously silky lipstick, enrich it with conditioning botanical oils or add a protective sunscreen.

The Optimum Texture
Whether we create lipstick, we can make it crème or matte, sheer or shiny.

The Preferred Flavor
Choose from Vanilla and Citrus that taste as good as they smell.

Need a healthy foundation? 
YOMBE' Private Label foundations nourish the skin while enhancing its natural beauty. The pure mineral bases are enriched with gentle botanical infusions of Calendula, Linden, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, Cornflower and St. John's Wort, which soothe and soften skin. They're talc-free, oil-free, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and are suitable for any skin type, even the most sensitive. 
YOMBE' custom-blend system contains two formulas: Enriched and Matte, giving you the freedom to create a perfectly balanced foundation for every client's skin type. Each base contains 11% pure pigments as opposed to the 6% to 7% typically found in other foundation formulas so your clients can apply less and enjoy greater coverage. 
The enriched foundation base contains Jojoba and Wheat Germ Oil to protect and nourish dry or mature skin. Oil-free foundation base contains French Clay which provides natural, shine-free coverage that lasts for hours. 
Matte Foundation is an age-defying, lightweight, . Infused with micronized Titanium Dioxide, Pomegranate Extract, Milk Thistle, Ginko Biloba, Lady's Mantle and Horse Tail, this formula is recommended for normal to oily and problem skin, post-laser and rosacea patients, bridal makeup, photo-finish work and hot, humid climates. 

The Perfect Match
Blend all natural toners with base shades to create colors that match any skin tone

The Optimum Moisture
Create foundations with hydrating and moisturizing botanicals or oil control serums.

The Ideal Texture
We can formulate any type of foundation: sheer natural, full coverage, rich soufflé, moisture tint, mousse and concealer. 

The Special Effects
Go beyond foundations to create cheek highlighters, cheek tints, color correctors, bronzes and eye shimmers.

Highlight her best features.
Made exclusively of micronized minerals, YOMBE' mineral powders have natural healing qualities, SPF protection and a wondrous silky texture. And talk about gentle; our minerals are talc-free, fragrance-free, dye-free and non-comedogenic. They're pure. They're mild. They contain no bismuth oxychloride. Doctors and Estheticians recommend them after treatments, even surgery, for their non-irritating and healing properties. 
These private label, lightweight powders provide long-lasting, non-powdery coverage with exceptional adherence and crease resistance. They look natural, feel natural and stay fresh all day. That's because the natural pigments lay smoothly on the skin, forming a protective barrier while still allowing the skin to breathe. 
Meanwhile, texture modifiers give you complete control of the coverage. You can use Translucent Modifier to create a sheer natural finish, while Coverage Intensifier increases both coverage and sun protection. Two of the minerals, micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, provide non-irritating sun protection. The pure minerals in YOMBE' mineral powders conceal post laser redness, rosacea, distended capillaries, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

The Perfect Match
Customize hues to match skin tones or create colors for eyeshadows or blushers.

The Ideal Texture
Create naturally silky translucent powders or modify the intensity to create full coverage foundation powders.

The Rich Effect
From soft, smoky eyeshadows and sun-touched bronzers to glowing blushers and highlighters, create a natural glow with gemstone luminescence.
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